Expertise & Consulting services for marine ground investigation

  • Marine Infrastructures
  • Offshore renewables
  • Marine Mineral resources

We help our clients solve ground related problems, before, during and after construction works.

Services provided

Preliminary geological / geotechnical risk assessment

Selection of Ground Investigation techniques, in particular non-destructive techniques

Interpretation of results


Lucien Halleux is a qualified geo-engineer. He holds a PhD in geophysical engineering and has over 30 years’ experience in Geology, Geotechnics and Exploration Geophysics. In 1993 he founded G-Tec ( ), an internationally active company specialized in ground investigation.

He left G-tec in 2017 and works as an international expert for marine site investigation projects. Experience, expertise, broad technical and non-technical interests and fluency in several languages contribute to efficient interventions on complex projects.

Lucien maintains close contacts with the academic world. He is visiting professor for Geophysical Exploration at KU Leuven and has a part time assignment at University of Liège

Offshore certifications: BOSIET, FOET, CA-EBS